Potholes plaguing Wilkes-Barre after record snowfall

Potholes along Conyngham Street in Wilkes-Barre

WILKES-BARRE (WOLF) -- Potholes.

They're not very appealing to the eye, or your wallet if you hit one.

And the melting snow that hit Northeastern Pennsylvania last week is the perfect recipe for creating more tire-busters for drivers to avoid.

“Standing water and then it freezes and then it melts, and in that process it moves the ground and creates the holes, because water gets through anything. And if water gets underneath something and it freezes, it’s going to give way and that’s what creates the potholes,” Ron Romanelli, with the Wilkes-Barre Department of Public Works, said.

The staff at McCarthy Tire in Kingston, knows all about the damage they can cause.

“We have a tire that was impacted by a pot hole, where the tire had to be replaced. And we also have a Volkswagen wheel which was bent and had to be replaced as well,” Jordan Davis, Store Manager, McCarthy Tire, Kingston, said.

And it's not always cheap to fix.

“It can range anywhere from something as simple as a tire replacement at $69.95 and it could range up to several hundred dollars whether it’s a wheel or suspension component that’s damaged,” Davis said.

Drivers can buy run-flat tires.

If there's a small puncture, there's usually enough time to get to a repair shop.

But the best bet, is to avoid the potholes.

The Wilkes-Barre Department of Public Works says it’s in the process of making it easier for drivers to get around safely.

“Right now, we have what is called cold-patch because it’s too cold to make the hot, so it’s a temporary solution until the summer when we can get the hot stuff in,” Romanelli said.

And if you spot a pothole, the DPW wants to know about it.

“Please notify us at either the DPW garage at 570-208-4240, or they can also call the Mayor’s helpline at 570-821-1111.”

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