Police: Divers recover container in Miller case


WEST CHILLISQUAQUE TWP., NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WOLF) -- A dive team was out in a pond, looking for clues into the disappearance of Barbara Miller.

She went missing in the '80s, and tonight, investigators say they did find something underwater.

The divers were in the water near Route 45 east of Lewisburg, searching for any trace of Barbara Miller, who disappeared in 1989 from her home in Sunbury.

"It's just strange all this happening right here now after so many years," says neighbor Bill Bastian.

Some neighbors came out to watch parts of the search as the dive team from Cumberland County helped police search the waters.

The Sunbury police chief and county coroner were there, on another step of the journey they hope will break this cold case wide open.

"Hopefully they find out what happened there," says Bastian.

Police Chief Tim Miller says they came out here on Thursday looking for a container, and that's exactly what they found, using a yellow bucket to lift it out of the pond.

We watched as the bucket was strapped to a bulldozer and pulled up onto the shore. Miller and another man were taking pictures around that time.

Miller would not say what was in the container, but that they would take it to be examined carefully.

"I've been here 40 years and it's been here longer than that," says Bastian regarding the pond. "It used to be a sand pit years ago and at one time it was really deep in there, and I guess if you want to throw something in there you could definitely hide it in there I guess."

Two months ago, police searched a home in Milton where they say the sister of Miller's boyfriend lived years ago.

Divers left the pond around 2 p.m. on Thursday. Police say they had been here since 6:30 a.m.

"I've never expected it here. Milton and Sunbury, that's where all this is supposed to be taking place," says Bastian. "Having this here, why, it's wild."

Police were also back at Miller's former home in Sunbury on Wednesday night. They were searching it since that's where she lived when she disappeared.

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