New details released after family hit by car


MOUNTAIN TOP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- Police released new information after a crash that sent an entire family to the hospital.

Police said this afternoon that the mother, Nina Herbst, 38, and 10-month-old baby, Tessa, remained in critical condition at Geisinger in Danville.

A car ran into the family while they were out walking in their neighborhood in Mountain Top on Friday, on Aleksander Blvd. in Rice Township.

Three others are also still being treated. They are the father, Bryan Herbst, 35, and daughter, Ella, 5, in serious condition at last report by police, and niece Gabbie, 8, in fair condition.

Meantime, two boys, ages 6 and 7, Caden and Tyler, were released on Friday, according to police and a Youcaring page.

"That's sad. It's so tragic," says neighbor Lucy Jones.

"It happened in the middle of the day when they were walking, of all things," says Marywood University women's soccer coach Andrew Smith, who worked with Nina Herbst from 2005-08.

Smith hired Nina as a coach after she graduated from Wilkes. He contacted the Wilkes coach and wants to do fundraisers when the two teams play at Marywood on Saturday, Sept. 9, at 1 p.m.

"They're a very close-knit family. I follow her on Facebook and you see all the time, the updates about the kids and you see them growing and all the stuff she does for them and obviously a great mom," says Smith.

Smith was shocked they were hit while walking in their own neighborhood.

Neighbors say the family was actually walking with traffic heading south when the car, coming in the opposite direction, crossed into the other lane and hit them along the side of the road, before going onto a lawn.

"The other road's got a terrible speeding problem," says neighbor Joe Sainclair, referring to Aleksander. "We've noticed it since we moved in and I won't take my own son out there anymore, even before this happened. I keep them either to this street or we'll walk up in the back there's a new section all the way up there in the back."

"There's no sidewalks there and of course in this street so that would be the main issue so you just kind of have to keep your head on a swivel," says neighbor Mike Sola.

There are gutters on the side for rain water- but a home builder here says sidewalks are not required and not seen anywhere around Mountain Top here. The homes are new from the past 10-15 years, if not the past few years.

"I think they should have sidewalk for everybody you know because there's a lot of family here walking all the time with their dogs and with their kids," says Jones.

The street is posted 25 miles per hour and it now four more extra signs are also posted including one at the entrance to the neighborhood, thanks to Jim Pyrah. They says "drive like your kids live here."

"Obviously it's a tragedy that happened in the neighborhood and all of us are mothers and fathers and and husbands and wives and we all walk through the neighborhood and we're all concerned about safety for us and our kids and just thought it would be a good idea to remind people to slow down and take it easy," says Pyrah.

Police questioned and released Jigna Kyada, 51, the driver, who lives across the street from the family.

Police say they are awaiting results from toxicology tests and an accident reconstruction, and the investigation is continuing. They say it does not seem to be a deliberate act.

UPDATE- As of early Monday, the Youcaring page says more than $30,000 has been raised.

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