Mike Linden's Forecast | Wet weekend leads to (very) warm week

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The weekend is nearly here and so is big change to our overall weather pattern.

Friday has been another "bleh" day as high temperatures returned to just near normal in the mid to low 60s. To go along with the mild air, it has been near overcast for almost the entire day too.

The weekend is where the weather changes...big time.

A low pressure center will slowly track along the Atlantic Ocean coastline throughout Saturday. This will result in overcast skies and the return of heavy rain. The amount of rain we see all depends on the track of this storm. If it hugs the coastline, we may see an inch or possibly even two of rain. If it moves just a bit more west, we may see higher totals move into Central Pennsylvania.

Into Mother's Day some showers remain through the morning and afternoon, but after that, watch out.

By next week temperatures will warm up every day and top out in the low 80s by Wednesday/Thursday!

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