Mike Linden's Forecast | Severe storms kick off work week

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Monday has been a wet, muggy, overcast day in NEPA with some spots dealing with Severe Thunderstorms. The moisture in the air will continue to fire up additional rounds of storms through the rest of the afternoon and evening. If you drive up a road covered in water...TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN! Don't put yourself (and the lives of emergency responders) at risk!

Conditions will improve a little bit overnight as cooler, drier air from the north tries to move in (key word = tries). We'll likely still have a few scattered showers/storms out there through Tuesday but nothing as strong as what we saw Monday. Daytime highs will return to the low 80s under partly cloudy skies.

The rest of the work week looks pretty good but most certainly not cold. As warm air surges northward, daytime highs will shoot into the upper 80s, and in some spots, the low 90s.

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