Mike Linden's Forecast | Rain from Irma heads north

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Irma as we knew it is no more but the moisture left behind from the storm is heading northward. These bands won't arrive until Wednesday but we'll still see the return of the thick clouds by Tuesday evening.

Due to the incoming moist air, temperatures will get a nice little bump up into upper 50s but the rain showers won't arrive until early tomorrow afternoon. These won't be widespread downpours but will likely be more on and off throughout the next several days. There will also be a chance for a few thunderstorms to kick off if we do see some sunshine but these also won't be widespread if we see them.

Daytime highs will benefit from Irma too as temperatures shoot into the mid to high 70s for the next several days too.

While hurricane season is on the back nine, Jose is still one to watch as it sits off the east coast. We'll have to closely monitor the storm for another potential this space.

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