Mike Linden's Forecast | Another chance for severe storms in NEPA

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After a brief time warp into the middle of Summer we're adjusting back to normal late-May temperatures and conditions. Friday has been kind of stuck in the middle as daytime highs across the region are settling into the mid to low 80s. Still warmer than normal but it's certainly not as hot as the mid to low 90s (plus humidity)! Also, parts of the region are under a marginal risk for severe weather tonight (mainly close to the Poconos). The main threats out of this are strong, gusty winds and lightning. We may also see some small hail too.

Into the weekend conditions and conditions continue to return to late-Spring form. We begin the weekend with cool temperatures in the low 50s and reach the low 70s by the afternoon. Some spots may even struggle to break the 70° mark. That's a 25° swing!

We'll hold onto the mild air into Sunday too but moisture returns into the second half of the day. This will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms into the work week.

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