Mail carriers pick up food donations


WILKES-BARRE (WOLF) -- Postal workers delivered the mail, but they also picked up a lot more outgoing packages than usual.

Saturday was the day for the Stamp Out Hunger food drive, in which letter carriers collect food donations across the country.

We were there as some of the donations came into the Wilkes-Barre post office on Saturday afternoon and were loaded into a Weinberg Food Bank truck.

Residents leave bags of non-perishable food on their porches for them to collect.

Organizers say this is the 25th year for the nationwide effort, and they also dropped some of the donations at city shelters and food pantries.

"It makes it a little bit of extra work, but it also makes us proud that we're the work force that's bringing the donated items from the residents to the food banks," says postal worker Jeff Nichols, who coordinates the food drive here.

Nichols says the Wilkes-Barre area has donated 75,000 pounds of food in the past and they're hoping to meet or exceed that total this year.

"The food banks need the food obviously and we're just proud that we're that work force that's bringing the food," says Nichols.

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