Luzerne Co. native discusses damage to Florida neighborhood after Irma


Eric Schappert, a Luzerne County native now living in Florida, doesn't regret his decision to not evacuate his home on Florida's east coast.

"I was kind of happy with staying. I don't think we really would have had too many places to go. So, I felt safe here. I felt really good here,” Schappert said.

"A lot of my buddies evacuated and went to Tampa. A day later they're probably regretting, saying 'I probably should have stayed'. That's why, even my girlfriend was like 'should we leave?' I was like 'let's give it another, day, see where it goes.' It's just so shaky and can go in any direction,” Schappert said.

The storm did shift west towards Tampa, which spared Brevard County the worst of Irma.

But it still left plenty of damage near Schappert's home..

"I didn't think it would actually flood as much as it did. A lot of the streets had to have about a foot of water in them. I know the street we were on; it was almost up to my knees,” he said.

Now the cleanup begins.

"We have about 65% of the state without power, it's going to take us a long time to get power back,” Florida Governor Rick Scott said.

"I haven't seen a FPL or a Pike Truck around town. The last time I saw, there's about 260,000 residents in Brevard County that don't have power. So, I have a feeling it's going to be a while,” Schappert said.

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