Locals react to proposal reversing liquor laws


Both business owners and customers have plenty to say about a new liquor law, which allows businesses in North Towanda, that apply for liquor licenses, to sell alcohol at their locations.

Richard White owns 3-D's Pizza on Reuter Avenue in North Towanda.

He and many others in this portion of town are thrilled small businesses like his now have the option to sell alcohol.

"I don't see a thing wrong with it to be honest with you. I voted for it,” White said.

So did many others.

During Tuesday's primary elections, voters passed the proposal by 8%.

Gary Goodenow has lived in the area his entire life and thinks it's only going to help business sales in the town.

"Everybody likes a beer once in a while with their wings and stuff,” Goodenow said.

“I think it's great. Like I said, it's mostly a younger crowd now a day anyway. Everybody enjoys that, so I think it's great. I really do."

Business owners like White won't be able to sell right away though, at least not until the election results are certified and sent to the liquor control board in Harrisburg.

Once processed, the LCB will begin taking applications for licenses.

White says he knows a few businesses in town already eager to apply.

So, what about his plans?

"I'm 70. It's past me by now. I'm just here, I open at 4 and close at 9, so I wouldn't try to get it in here,” he said.

While business owners may be excited about the chance to sell alcohol, customers like Goodenow are thrilled about the convenience.

"You ain't gotta drive way up in the valley or whatever,” Goodenow said.

“But yeah, I think that's going to help a lot. A lot of people will stay local just to have a beer or two, or a glass of wine, yeah."

There were many who voted against the proposal.

It's a small town, but it only passed by 16 votes.

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