Get roped into a good time - the Benton Rodeo is in town

Two Texas Longhorns on site at the Benton Rodeo

BENTON, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WOLF) -- Calling all cowgirls and cowboys: time to bust out your boots, it's that time of year again.

"We have one of the best arenas on the east coast," says Melvin Parks, Chairman of the Benton Rodeo Association.

For racing, roping and riding - and more.

"The grand finale, me and the horse jump on the truck and get on top of the trailer and do a teeter-totter on top of the truck and then I put two Texas longhorns on top of the truck and trailer," says Mark Lahmann, star of the Rawhide and Dusty Show

"What does it take people to do that? Well, on a day like today when it was raining, you gotta be a little crazy," says Parks.

"I had a dream one night doing the teeter-totter on top of the trailer, no one else had ever done it that high. So, that's what I come up with. And then we just added the steers later. But that's how it got started. Just from my dream," says Lahmann, on how he created his show.

A rodeo that attracts some of the best rodeo athletes in the country.

"If you are a rodeo competitor in the Northeast, throughout the Midwest, this is on your calendar. You're here," says Rodeo Announcer Doug Simcox.

But it's no easy feat to be a professional in this field.

"You've gotta have the right equipment to begin with, and you've gotta have the right instruction. There's rodeo schools all over, there's barrel racing schools, roping schools, bulldogging schools, Pennsylvania is known for it's bulldoggers," says Simcox.

"And even if you're not a cowgirl, you can still come down to the Benton Rodeo and dress like one."

But while the rodeo brings in thousands for the small town staple, Benton veterans say it's about so much more than the crowds.

"This is family. This is a rodeo committee that's been together for 33 years. And every year they get better and better at what they do. They care about the event, they care about the community. They give so much back to the community," says Simcox.

The rodeo will be in full swing through Sunday evening.

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