GCMC to open new maternity ward in 2019


SCRANTON (WOLF) -- Little Ricardo Gabriel said hello to the world just after midnight on Monday Inside a Geisinger Wyoming Valley hospital room.

His mom Janice did most of the hard work, but it takes a village.

“It wasn’t just a team of like four or five, it was like seven or eight in the whole room and they were cheering and they were counting together with my family. Like every push that I make, they counted with my family,” Janice Tumulak, of Wilkes-Barre, said.

Its that level of care and support that made Janice choose Geisinger for her maternal care.

“For most hospitals, bigger hospitals, they treat you as just a number, or patient 440, that’s how they treat you. But here they treat you as a person, they call you by your first name so it matters a lot.”

And also the close proximity of the facility in Plains Township to her home in Wilkes-Barre.

Geisinger wanted to give other moms in Lackawanna County that same opportunity, so its bringing baby delivery services back to the Community Medical Center – services the campus hasn’t offered since 2007.

“There’s not a week that goes by that someone in Scranton or Lackawanna County doesn’t ask me about delivering babies at CMC,” Geisinger Northeast Regional President Anthony D. Aquilina said.

When Geisinger acquired CMC in 2012, it decided to first focus on upgrading operating rooms and the ICU, but now its answering the call, investing $15 million into a new maternity wing set to open in 2019.

It will have seven delivery rooms and 11 postpartum suites in a newly refurbished area of the third floor.

Right now, Moses Taylor Hospital is the only facility in Scranton that offers baby delivery services.

“For a city the size of Scranton in a county like Lackawanna County, we believe our neighbors and our friends would like choice.”

Geisinger will be recruiting a new team for the maternity center at CMC including obstetricians, midwives, and nurses, and the midwifery program will be the first in Scranton offered by a hospital system.

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