Frein's penalty phase begins

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It was an emotional day in the courtroom Thursday during Eric Frein's first day of sentencing.

On Wednesday, a jury convicted Frein of killing Corporal Bryon Dickson and badly injuring Trooper Alex Douglass.

There were a lot of tears in the courtroom, including those of several jurors, as Tiffany Dickson detailed the struggles she and her two sons have gone through since Eric Frein murdered their husband and father outside the Blooming Grove barracks.

Now that sentencing has begun, part of the prosecution's strategy is to show jurors the impact Eric Frein's decision has had on those involved.

"I believe it is very important for the jurors to get to know Tiffany Dickson and the life Bryon has now left behind and the life he was trying to build and move forward with Tiffany and his son's Bryon and Adam,”

They hope to convince the jury that Frein deserves the death penalty.

Tiffany spoke about how she met her husband at Penn State's Worthington-Scranton campus and

how she went to visit him on weekend's when he transferred to University Park.

She recalled their engagement in the sand on Myrtle beach, her husband's graduation from the State Police Academy and the birth of their two young boys.

She broke down towards the end when she spoke about how two state troopers and a priest knocked on her door late at night on September 12th 2014.

"Daddy's been hurt and he's not coming home,” she told her children.

Corporal Dickson's death has taken an emotional toll on her children, both under the age of ten.

She said "Mentally I was handicapped. I couldn't help them."

As for how she feels since her husband's death, she says, "Sad. Lonely. No support. No protection. Nobody lives with us. Nobody to hold my hand. I just want to go to dinner or a movie. he was a really good teammate. I can't grow old with him now."

"I will tell you that Tiffany Dickson, as you've seen, is a very strong person,” Tonkin said.

“She's an ER nurse and she's very strong. This event has taken an unimaginable toll on Tiffany. It will take a toll on her, really, for the rest of her own life,” he said.

The jury could decide Frein’s fate as early as next week.

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