Frein guilty verdict draws mixed emotions, sentencing phase begins Thursday

Frein guilty verdict draws mixed emotions, sentencing phase begins Thursday

Eric Frein was found guilty on all 12 charges including murder, attempted murder and terrorism along with several others but the trial isn't over yet.

As the sentencing phase begins the defense will be working to save Frein's life while the prosecution argues to end it.

"It doesn't bring back Bryon it doesn't repair Alex's injuries but it's a good day towards bringing justice," Major George Bivens with Pennsylvania State Police said.

Frein was found guilty by 12 jurors of murdering Corporal Bryon Dickson, trying to kill Trooper Alex Douglass and recklessly endangering a State Police dispatcher.

The District Attorney says this is the verdict they hoped for.

District Attorney Ray Tonkin said,"I hope the business here in the Poconos and all the residents take some solace that justice has been done to this date."

It's not what the defense hoped for but Attorney Bill Ruzzo says he expected it. The DA says he will be pushing for the death penalty.

The defense says they will be doing the opposite.

"Eric deserves to live he will be punished severely. The best he could do is live a long life in prison," Russo said.

Those who knew Corporal Dickson say he was a model trooper, a family man and they hope when all of this is over, that's what people will remember him by.

The sentencing phase of the trial begins tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 and is expected to last until the end of ext week.

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