Former NFL players make stop in Plains to tout health benefits of hemp

Former NFL players Nate Eachus and Ron Solt say{ }switching from opioids to hemp to manage severe pain from playing sports has changed their lives.

Two former NFL players stopped by a Plains Township fitness center on Tuesday to share their experiences with hemp.

The players are familiar faces to the area. Nate Eachus was a standout football player at Hazleton Area High School. He went on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Eachus was joined by Ron Solt, who graduated from Coughlin High School and played for the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts.

They say switching from opioids to hemp to manage severe pain from playing sports has changed their lives.

The players say therapeutic hemp is different from medical marijuana, in that hemp is already legal and can treat pain not included in the list of approved medical conditions for medical marijuana.

Solt says he's had 13 operations over the years and was constantly prescribed painkillers.

"I was taking like two Vicodins every four hours for 24 hours straight or else I couldn't move," he said. "So what else are you going to do? Am I going to not walk or am I going take this and get around? Well, the stuff almost killed me."

Eachus is now in the hemp-growing business.

His Florida company works with a farm in Colorado to produce hemp oil products. They contain CBD, which is high in therapeutic qualities.

"It’s about getting people not high, but healthy," Eachus said.

None of Eachus' products are FDA-approved yet.

His formal presentation will be Thursday night during a Pennsylvania Community Medical Cannabis Forum at the Holiday Inn East Mountain in Plains Township.