Fine Arts Fiesta hits Wilkes-Barre for the 62nd year

Igor Nasibyan, Professional Silhoutte Artist at the Fine Arts Fiesta

WILKES-BARRE (WOLF) -- Music, food, and fine arts... since 1956, this fiesta has been giving Wilkes-Barre something to dig into.

"We've been blessed to be able to present this for 62 years in the same concept that it was founded by Annette Evens, was a free gift to the arts to the people of the region. And everyone and anyone can come and experience the arts and it's all presented for free," says festival Executive Director Brian Benedetti.

Consuming Wilkes-Barre's Public Square, three major exhibitions, sixteen food vendors, and fifty artists line up to showcase their goods.

Like Ted Schiffman, an internationally-published wildlife photographer, who has come to this event a dozen times in the last twenty years.

He's published several books, one about tree frogs took him fifteen years to publish. His latest is about a Toad's adventures.

"He hasn't seen his cousin in quite a while who lives in the swampland. And he had an idea, he says, 'you know, he hasn't come by here, maybe I should visit him'. And I thought, what a great idea of taking a toad, having him find an adventure through the woods. Finally he finds his cousin!" says Schiffman.

One artist from Erie moved to the area from Armenia thirty years ago, and was drawn to these classic silhouette cutouts.

"When I saw a guy doing it, I came back home. I try it on my grandma first. I didn't have normal scissors. I had big, rusting grandma scissors. I said grandma, stay still, I want to try something. And it looks just like her."

The Fine Arts Fiesta goes through until Sunday evening.

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