UPDATE: Church fills two trailers for Harvey victims


UPDATE (9/1/17): On Friday, members of the Revival Tabernacle Church finished loading two 53-foot trailers filled with items for flood victims in Texas.

Pastor James Bond, his wife Jilline, and 8 other volunteers, will arrive in Texas late Saturday evening to deliver the items.

About 50 church members spent much of Friday afternoon and evening organizing the items into boxes, and loading them into the trailers.


In less than 24 hours, an entire community has come together to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

On Wednesday night, more than 100 members of the Revival Tabernacle Church in Watsontown loaded a 54-foot trailer with items like water, towels, pillows and even a pair of cowboy boots.

It’s for those they've never met but know are in desperate need.

Once the trailer is packed to the ceiling, with volunteers behind the wheel, it'll leave the parking lot of Revival Tabernacle in Watsontown and head to Texas.

Pastor James Bond organized the collection after seeing the images of despair on TV.

He and his wife Jilline will be there to hand out the basic necessities to flood victims at a church that's in the same Christian network.

"Their main campus right now is holding about 300 evacuees. 14 dogs and 1 hamster, I think they said today,” Bond said.

The church is in Humble Texas. It's one of the areas hardest hit.

"Can you imagine leaving your home with your baby and no diapers and no wipes with you. What do you do? It's a tough, tough spot to be in,” Bond added.

Joyce Newton knows all too well what those in Texas are going through.

She survived a flood that destroyed her childhood home in Massachusetts.

"My mom was swimming in our kitchen and me and my brother, who was one year older than me, was sitting on top of the refrigerator. We had four more inches to go and it was going to be on top of the refrigerator. Our feet were in the water, we thought that was fun,” Newton said.

Officials say it's still too early to tell how much devastation the flooding caused.

Yet, for those at the church, these neighborly acts of kindness won't stop once the truck is filled.

"When it comes to when people are in need, I mean, we will show up,” James R. Ward, a church member, said.

"This is for real. This is something that we want to pray for these people about, we want to put our hands out and help people,” Jilline Bond, the church’s pastor, said.

The Revival Tabernacle church will continue to collect items until 9 in the evening both Thursday and Friday.

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