Camp Bisco attracts more than big crowds

Camp Bisco attracts more than big crowds

These dogs may look cute... but they mean business.

They're part of the private K-9 unit trained to sniff out psychedelics from people entering Camp Bisco this weekend, a music festival police say is known for drugs.

"We've already intercepted people going into the concert to sell illegal drugs," PSP Trooper Mark Keyes said.

State police stopped a van earlier this morning carrying seven tanks of nitrous oxide, over 150 doses of LSD and molly packaged for sale - he was on his way to Camp Bisco.

"We're going to be watching for aggressive drivers, anyone who might be going to or leaving the concert under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And doing highway interdiction any time we come across anyone we suspect may be bringing drugs into the concert," Trooper Keyes added.

Scranton police have also arrested others for a range of drug paraphernalia from marijuana to ecstasy.

Concert-goers camping at the mountain are subject to search at checkpoints. At those checkpoints they can put any illegal drugs they may have in their possession in large containers called "amnesty bins", and no charges will be made.

We spoke to a few of the over twelve thousand festival attendees who said they don't need drugs to have a good time this weekend.

"You should know that at any festival you should not do that because obviously they check you at security, but I come here for good music, to hang out with friends, and drink," attendee Heidi Jamie said.

"At these kind of festivals and stuff, you're always going to have it around, but it's about who you surround yourself with and the people that you're with, and the friends you have around you. If you have a positive crowd and stuff, you're always going to have a good time no matter what. You just gotta block out all that negative, you know. Just enjoy the music and have a fun time," concert attendee Jonathan Giannano said.

The festival will be going through Saturday, with dogs from the K-9 unit on site the whole time.

The water park at Montage Mountain will be closed throughout the duration of the festival.

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