Archangel Airborne hosts 5th annual community outreach event

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HONESDALE, WAYNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- Dozens took to the Cherry Ridge Airport in Honesdale Saturday looking for some fun and walking away with much more.

The festivities were organized by volunteers of Archangel Airborne, a non-profit created six years ago after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Since then, Archangel Airborne has conducted about 25 missions to help the people there.

“We bring doctors, we bring antibiotics, we bring necessary supplies down there a couple of times a year. We’ve also branched out into helping them get pure water, drinking water, because a lot of the diseases come from having polluted water,” President and Chairman Peter Sloan said.

This is the 5th year Archangel Airborne has held their community outreach event.

Sloan says it’s a good chance for people in the community to learn about the good deeds happening right in their own backyard.

“There’s a reason to be proud around here and that is because Archangel Airborne originates and takes off from Honesdale, PA. I’m also down in D.C., but this is home and we fly these little planes all the way to Haiti and we do some pretty good work there.”

One family we spoke was pleasantly surprised by what they learned today after just stopping by for an afternoon of fun.

“We didn’t before today. I mean its great that they do that. We were listening to the gentleman speak before,” Dina Romagnoli, of Gouldsboro, said.

“We’re happy to be here to support it.”

Everyone attending gave a $1 donation to enjoy the many attractions, like checking out emergency vehicles, learning about smoke detectors and fire safety and even free plane rides.

More information on Archangel Airborne can be found on their website and Facebook page.

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